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What are Five Star scooters?

Five Star Scooters are a new, energy-efficient mode of transportation for the 21st century. Its innovative stand up or sit down functionality, lead the industry.

How long does the battery last on a charge?

The Five Star Scooter can last approximately 25 mile on a full charge. Again, the speed, terrain and rider weight will vary this number.

What is the expected battery life?

Battery life varies by model. The FS1000 lasts between 300-500? charges and the FS2000 lasts between 800-1000 charges.

How fast will it go?

Five Star Scooters can reach up to 16 mph. Recent studies using a GPS, have concluded that a 300 lb person riding on a flat surface can maintain a speed of 16 mph. Note, that speed will vary by rider weight and terrain.

What kind of battery does it have?

Depending on the model, (3) 12 volt dry cell batteries or a 48 volt lithium-ion battery.

How do I recharge it?

The free-standing charger which is included with each scooter simply connects to a 110 receptacle and then into the back of the scooter. Charging takes about 4-8 hours for a full charge and uses about 10 cents worth of electricity.

Do I get the replacement batteries from you?

No, these are generic batteries that can be purchased at many locations.

Where is the motor?

The motor is in the front wheel. It is a 350 or 500 watt direct current, brushless motor that is used in thousands of electric bikes, motorcycles ans scooters around the world.

Do I need a license to ride?

No. The Five Star Scooter is ADA-compliant. In most locations, it is treated like a personal mobility device which does not require licensing. However, local laws can vary. If you plan to use your Five Star Scooter on the street, consult your local authorities.

How much does it weight?

Approximately 90lbs.

What is the difference between the motors?

There are slight differences in these two motors. The 500W handles weight and inclines better than the 350W. Both motors can attain the same speeds, but the 500W motor will accelerate to speeds faster. The lithium-ion battery found in the 500W motor, has a longer life than the standard acid-lead battery in the 350W motor.

Can I get it in any color than grey?

Currently, gray is the only color available.

Is it like a Segway?

The Five Star Scooter is faster, easier to ride and covers more mileage on a single charge. It offers a seat as an alternative to standing and costs less than half of what a Segway costs.

Where do I get parts?

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