About Us

Five Star Scooters was established in 2012 offering high-quality personal assistance scooters. We are recognized as the first company to realize the importance of a higher seated position for safety, line of sight, and the stigma associated with traditional mobility devices. As an industry leader in this design, we were well-received by the market and revolutionized the mobility scooter industry. Our scooters are of much better construction than the normal “plastic low-rider”. Additionally, they have more power that allow our riders to attend a diverse array of outdoor events.

“We are often imitated by other companies trying to take advantage of our success.”

In 2016 our company took another major leap when Stephen Iwaszko joined our team and took over our scooter division. His background as a United States Air Force veteran, military contractor and engineer was key to our evolution. With veterans in mind, he immediately took our scooters to another level in power, design, and engineering. Five Star Scooters is now a veteran-run company focused on innovation, our scooters allow people of all ability levels to enjoy life way beyond what other scooters allow them to do. Our mission has since evolved from a quality mobility scooter to a quality-of-life, fun-to-ride machine.

Five Star Scooters offer our riders the confidence to enjoy outdoor activities they feared were in their past, in a cool design that prompts people to ask “Where did you get that?”

Five Star Scooters are the most powerful, highest quality, and most capable scooter on the planet – and we strive to keep it that way. Our reputation for excellence and caring is evident in our years of reviews and our very loyal customers. Our scooters inspire confidence and envy for our riders; the absolute opposite of what the industry offered.

Be advised, as with all things that are popular, along come the copies. They even go as far as to copy our videos, our website, and our marketing. Some go to great lengths to fool the consumer into thinking they are buying a 5 Star Scooter.

“If it doesn’t say 5 Star, it’s not a 5 Star.”