What makes 5 Star Electric Scooters the best mobility scooter for adults?

5 Star Scooters are the only scooter engineered and designed from the ground up. A veteran run company with military engineering experience is what sets us apart from all other scooters on the market today.  The proper geometry of our scooters make them much safer and stable than any other scooter on the market.

What advantage do the 5 Star Excalibur Scooters have over other mobility scooters?

The Excalibur is a dual rear-wheel drive scooter with two independent motors powering two large rear tires which makes it very easy and comfortable for people to drive.  The flat deck and higher seating position makes it easier for people that have a hard time lifting their legs or bending their knees to mount the scooter.  The dual-rear-wheel drive and large footprint tires make it an excellent choice for soft and loose terrains such as gravel and beach sand.

Are 5 Star Scooters All Terrain Mobility Scooters?

Indeed, all 5 Star Scooters are excellent off-road and all terrain electric scooters. Their superior power and design allow riders of all ages and ability to enjoy the great outdoors.

Are Five Star Scooters Fast Mobility Scooters?

Once again, our superior engineering and design make our scooters the fastest mobility scooters on the market. We have customers using them for their commutes to work and for running errands around town saving time sitting in traffic and looking for parking.

How fast are 5 Star Scooters?

Speed will vary depending on many factors such as weight of the rider, terrain, grade etc. rest assured our scooters are faster and more capable than any other scooter on the market.

What are 5 Star Electric Mobility Scooters reviews?

We are an A-rated BBB Accredited company with superior Google reviews as well as BBB feedback from our customers. No other scooter brand has the positive feedback from “real customers” that 5 Star Scooters have. Consumers are well advised to be careful of “fake reviews” other companies post on sites that they pay for. Always google the review source to prevent being fooled by companies that pay for sites that they can write their own reviews on and suppress negative reviews. These sites also allow companies to back-date reviews giving the appearance of a long history. Google and BBB are much harder to fake.

How to choose the right mobility scooter?

You would expect we would say to make sure it is a 5 Star Scooter. 5 Star Scooter models are all superior construction and engineering. Watch our numerous videos to choose the right model for your needs. “Trust your eyes not your ears”, all scooter salespersons have a story. They will all tell you their scooter are the best, look at the scooters closely, if you see a lot of plastic and it seems flimsy, it probably is. If what you can see looks cheap, what you can’t see is probably worse. Again, always look at the reviews from real sources like the BBB and Google, any other sources are probably fake reviews written by the scooter company.

Are 5 Star Scooters only for adults?

Once again, referencing our engineering and construction make our scooters safer and the best mobility scooter for kids.

Are 5 Star Mobility Scooter allowed on planes and cruise ships?

All 5 Star Scooter models are ADA compliant and allowed on Airlines as well as cruise ships. Our Raptor, Falcon and Sparrow are better choices for cruise ships as they will go through the cabin doors and are favored by cruise lines.

What are the best mobility scooters for me?

Watch our numerous videos and read our customer reviews to decide which model will suit you needs.