Excalibur 48 SLA


This is a flat-bed scooter made to our standards.



This is a flat-bed scooter made to our standards.

This is a 48 volt SLA bike.

Ideal for those who cannot mount our lighter models or for novice drivers.

We used 4 Sealed Lead Acid batteries (SLA) to keep cost down while maintaining our quality and performance standards while adding many comfort features.

The Excalibur’s features include:

  • Two front shocks for comfort and a smooth ride.
  • Three wheeled breaking for added safety, a front brake on handlebar and a foot break for rear tires.
  • Highway pegs are included just like on our Raptor model
  • It features 3 speeds and will smoothly go from 0 to approx. 30 mph (speeds may vary with driving conditions and occupant weight)
  • Easy- hinged deck to allow you to access to batteries and fuses
  • Large, wide and aggressive rear drive wheels for your off-road adventures
  • Undercarriage lights and cell phone holder/charger are standard.

Easy folding, however, its larger size and weight (125 lbs) does not afford the same flexibility as our Raptor and Condor models for smaller vehicle transportation. ONE will easily fit in the back of a hatchback or SUV

These are ideal for those who do not seek the Ninja-like performance of the RAPTOR and who prefer a flat surface.

The Excalibur, like all of our bikes is composed of the highest quality components. It does use SLA batteries/technology to offer our seniors a lower cost yet extremely high quality bike with many comfort features without sacrificing speed, power, hill climbing, or off-road performance.