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Man in helmet and goggles on scooter waving


In Quartasite Arizona we saw a couple who were riding these machines. Not knowing what they were we asked them and they directed us to the big RV tent in Quartzsite Az. This is where we met Stephen Iswasko. We did not intend at that moment to buy these but after further review it made complete sense,especially the ADA compliance portion. We saw other scooters at the RV tent also but not any comparison to what the raptor could and does deliver. The Raptor is a great deal of fun to ride more than anything else out there and gets lots of looks. It will go anyplace you can imagine. Stephen was a hoot and and excellent salesman. Very fun to work with as you will see in the attached video. He had us all laughing very hard. This is an excellent work horse,play horse and a fun one at that. Give it a try. You will be highly satisfied without a doubt.